RSVP for Friends of Coptic Education Banquet

Education is treasured in the Orthodox Christian ethos and is vital to inculcate the Coptic faith and heritage in our growing community across all ages; we value Coptic Education as a crucial element to equip modern Copts with a deep understanding and pride in our Orthodox Christian heritage, enabling us to thrive professionally and assimilate culturally in the United States. Orthodox Christian Education will undoubtedly be a vital part of the preservation of our tradition for generations to come. 

Friends of Coptic Education, therefore, aims to support the Church and our community organizations, and to mitigate any dilution to the Orthodox faith across the world.

You can share in this vision by attending the Second Annual Friends of Coptic Education Banquet on October 13, 2019 at Christ Cathedral in Orange. Full details and speakers can be found at this link