Final Three Papal Candidates Announced for Altar Lot

After a very well organized and orderly day where events unfolded as expected, a total of 2256 out of 2417 (93,3%) eligible voters came to cast their vote. The final results were announced by H.E. Metropolitan Pakhomious:

– H.G. Bishop Roufail 1980 votes

– H.G. Bishop Tawadros 1623 votes

– Fr. Roufail Ava Mina 1530 votes

– Fr. Serafim Al-Souriany 680 votes

– Fr. Bakhomious Al-Souriany 305 votes

Based on these numbers the three candidates from whom the next pope will be chosen are:

– H.G. Bishop Roufail

– H.G. Bishop Tawadros

– Fr. Roufail Ava Mina

The altar ballot will take place on November 4th after a three-day global fast from October 31-November 2. At the conclusion of a liturgy prayed by Metropolitan Pakhomious, a blindfolded child will pick the name of the next Pope from amongst these three candidates.

We pray that the Lord may manifest His Will to us.