Our Bishop

His Grace Bishop Serapion

Hegumens (10)

In the Coptic Orthodox Church, the priestly rank of hegumen (Gr. ἡγούμενος) corresponds to that of archpriest or protopresbyter (lit. "first priest") in any given parish. The Church prays for these priests in their elevation rite, saying, "Allow him to teach Your commandments and to be concerned with the purity, love and holiness of your people that they may be presented blameless unto Christ, the heavenly Groom."

Father Abrahim Aziz Gindi Father Bishoy Aziz Bastawros
Father Daniel Azer Sous Father Felimon Mikhail
Father Gawargious Kolta Father Luke Sidarous
Father Meina Albeir Youssef Father Michael Gabriel
Father Mina Wahba Youssef Father Paul Megally

Presbyters (47)

The word "presbyter" (Gr. πρεσβύτερος)  literally means "elder." He is a leader in the local parish after the bishop and exists to officiate the services, consecrate the Mysteries, and present the flock perfect in Christ. The presbyter is a sacramental image, a living sign and expression of Christ's eternal Priesthood.

Father Abraam Ayoub Megally Father Andrew Hanna
Father Antony Attallah Father Antony Paul
Father Antony Selim Father Arsany Paul
Father Athanasius Ragheb Father Augustinos Hanna
Father Bishoy Brownfield Father Bishoy Kamel
Father Boules Baky Father Cyril Gorgy
Father Daniel Habib Father David Abdelsayed
Father David Elias Father Essac Milad Androus
Father George Aziz Father Gregory Bishay
Father Ishak Boulos Azmy Father James Soliman
Father John Mikhail Father John Paul Abdelsayed
Father John Shafik Botros Father Joseph Boules
Father Kyrillos Ibrahim Father Kyrollos Wassily
Father Lazarus Yassa Father Macarius Shehata
Father Mark Hanna Father Markos Hanna
Father Mauritius Mikhail Father Mena Fam
Father Michael Fanous Father Mikhael Ibrahim
Father Mina Girgis Father Mina Shoukry Ghebrial
Father Moses Samuel Samaan Father Pimen Shenoda
Father Raphael Hanna Father Raphael Maher
Father Shenouda Ghattas Father Thomas Rizkallah
Father Youhanna Farid Father Youhanna Ibrahim
Father Youhanna Youssef Father Youssef Zaki
Father Zocimus Kneiber

Diaconate (11)

The Deacon is the third degree of the major orders of clergy in the Orthodox Church, following the bishop and the presbyter. The word deacon (Gr. διάκονος) means "one who serves."

Archdeacon Antonious Yuwakim Archdeacon Arsanious Wissa
Archdeacon Botros Botros Archdeacon Efrayem Soliman
Archdeacon Jacob Abdelmalak Archdeacon Marcos Hanna
Archdeacon Michael Ishak Archdeacon Mina Tadrous
Archdeacon Thomas Moussa Archdeacon Zakaria Hanna
Deacon Severus Mikhail

Reposed Clergy (8)

Give rest, O Lord, to the souls of Thy servants who have fallen asleep! May their memory be eternal!

Archdeacon Youssef Abdelmalek Father Angelos Youssef
Father Antonios Younan Soliman Father Antonious Henein
Father Bishoy Gobreial Father Daniel Farag
Father Samuel Samaan Father Youhanna Alexander