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Youth Spiritual Competition Launches New Site

The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles announces a new website dedicated to this year’s Youth Spiritual Competition and Al Keraza Competition: http://www.ysc-keraza.org/ website. The site includes all of the most updated material for this year’s Youth Spiritual competition. Please note that updates have been made and noted on the front page, and that each [...]

Over 800 Youth Participate in Youth Spiritual Competition 2009

On Saturday, August 29 over 800 youth from the junior high, high school, and college levels participated in the annual Diocese Youth Spiritual Competition. His Grace Bishop Serapion and many of the Diocese clergy attended to encourage the youth and participate as judges, as well. The day began with the celebration of the Divine Liturgy [...]

2006 Diocese Youth Spiritual Competition

Another Year of Success and Blessings for the Diocese Youth Spiritual Competition Over 500 students, ranging from junior high to college age, competed at this year’s diocese-wide Youth Spiritual Competition, held August 19 at Saint John Coptic Orthodox Church.  Saint John Church (Covina) took home first place for the college competition, Saint Mark Church (Los [...]