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Five Ways of Repentance

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Let me describe to you five ways of repentance; each is different, but all point toward heaven. (1) Acknowledgement of Sins The first road is the acknowledgment of sins.  If you acknowledge your sins to God, He will forgive you; and this act of acknowledgment will help you stop sinning.  Let your conscience be your [...]

A Sign for Change

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The month of Tubah is a month celebrating the salvation of our Lord which has come to all the earth. He was born for the specific purpose of saving all of humanity, both Jew and Gentile. During this month we celebrate the Nativity, the Circumcision, the Epiphany, and the Miracle at the Wedding of Cana [...]


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As sin is separation from God, repentance then is returning to God. God says: "Return to me, and I will return to you" (Malachi 3:7). When the prodigal son repented, he returned to his father (Luke 15:18-20). True repentance is a human longing to return to the origin from which it was taken. It is [...]