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Children of the June 30 Revolution

Bishop Serapion Congratulates Egyptian People on the Success of June 30 Revolution

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The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles, led by His Grace, Bishop Serapion, congratulates the Egyptian people for the historic showing of millions of Egyptian citizens demanding to be heard. It was not a military coup, but rather a popular uprising in which the military implemented the will of the people of Egypt.


Diocese Prays for the Safe Return of Abducted Syrian Metropolitans

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LOS ANGELES, April 25, 2013 –The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles, led by His Grace, Bishop Serapion, strongly condemns the abduction of Antiochan Orthodox Metropolitan Paul Yazigi and Syrian Orthodox Metropolitan Youhanna Ibrahim, and the killing of their driver, also a deacon, as they were driving through Northern Syria outside of Aleppo on Monday, [...]

Pope Tawadrous II

Press Release Concerning the Unveiling of the Official Photograph of Pope Tawadros II

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(November 15, 2012-Los Angeles) — The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles, Southern California, and Hawaii will unveil the official portrait of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II in celebration of his enthronement on Sunday, November 18, 2012 at 4:00p.m. at the Coptic Orthodox Christian Center in the City of Orange. 

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Urgent Press Release: Diocese Condemns Inflammatory Film against Islam and Resulting Violence

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — We strongly condemn the brutal murder of the United States ambassador to Libya and three of the embassy employees. In order for peace to reign throughout the world, brutality and hatred must be swiftly condemned and punished. Hope must be brought to desperate places, kindness and mercy must be given a chance. [...]

Statement of His Grace Bishop Serapion on the Departure of our Beloved Father, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III

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With hearts full of faith, trust, and hope, we bid farewell to our beloved father and faithful shepherd, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III. We have full confidence that his pure soul is praying on our behalf before the throne of grace. Remembering his labor, shepherdhood, and fatherhood, we pray that God may repose his holy [...]

Copts Mourn Innocent Christians Killed By Egyptian Army

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LOS ANGELES – Deeply grieved by the slaughter of innocent Coptic Christian protesters by Egyptian army tanks that plowed through crowds near Shubra (Maspero) last weekend, the Copts of Los Angeles invite Christians worldwide to advocate for a peaceful Egypt by joining them in three days of prayer and fasting that began Tuesday, Oct. 11. [...]

Media Advisory for the February 27 Day of Prayer and Solidarity

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LOS ANGELES – In the wake of the popular uprising that overthrew Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Egypt now stands at a crossroads with unprecedented opportunity to build a democratic society. Southern California Coptic Christians support the aim of their Coptic brothers and sisters in Egypt: to help create a new government that is fair and [...]

Statement of His Grace Bishop Serapion Concerning the 1/1/11 Alexandria Terrorist Attack

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Our beloved children of the Church Blessings and peace with you all,  Wishing you all a blessed and happy new year. As we are continuing to witness the repercussions of the terrorist attack on the Saints Church of Alexandria, that claimed the life of tens of martyrs and left tens more wounded; with an overwhelming [...]