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Holy Resurrection

First Liturgy at New Missionary Parish in West Los Angeles

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Glory to God! The Diocese announces the opening of the new missionary parish, Holy Resurrection American Coptic Orthodox Church, with the celebration of the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, December 8, 2013 from 8:00-10:30 a.m. Like St. Paul Church in Tustin, Holy Resurrection Church is a missionary parish focused on serving non-Egyptians and mixed couples and […]

Who is the Orthodox Servant?

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On November 29, 2009, servants of the churches in the southern region of the Diocese gathered at St. Mary and St. Verena Coptic Orthodox Church in Anaheim for a Servants’ Meeting. His Grace Bishop Serapion opened the meeting with a prayer followed by a lecture entitled "Who is the Orthodox Servant?" This lecture addressed stereotypes […]

Celebrating the Feasts of our Lord

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“Great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh” (1 Tim. 3:16) In the month of January and first half of February, our Coptic Orthodox Church celebrates five feasts of our Lord Jesus Christ: The Nativity, The Circumcision, The First Miracle at Cana of Galilee, The Theophany, and The Presentation of Our […]

The Orthodox Dialogue

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Thirty theologians from the Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches met in the Halls of the Holy Cross Church of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch in Damascus, Syria from February 2-5, 1998. The Opening session was blessed and honored by the presence of H.B. Patriarch Ignatius IV, Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch […]

The Honor Due to a Priest

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Whoever honors the priest will honor God, and he who has learned to despise the priest will gradually proceed in time to insult God also. ‘He who receives you receives Me.’ [Mt. 10:40]. And it is written, ‘But hold His priests in honor.’ [Sir. 7:31]. Hence, the Jews learned to despise God because they despised […]

The Coptic Orthodox View Concerning Nestorius

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[i]Syriac Dialogue, Vienna, February 1996./[/i] Saint Cyril wrote three letters to Nestorius asking him to reconcile his teaching with the orthodox teachings of the fathers of the church, but Nestorius did not accept. The letters of Saint Cyril always began with the salutation: "To the most pious and most God-loving bishop Nestorius". His third and […]

The Concept of Intercession

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What is Intercession?‎ The formal definition of intercession is a “supplication to God in behalf of another ‎person. Christ intercedes before God the Fr. on behalf of the repentant sinner, and ‎God’s people intercede for one another.”‎ We ask the intercessions of Saint Mary, the Angels, and Archangels. We ask the ‎disciples, apostles, martyrs, fathers, […]

The Role of Women in the Church (Part II)

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Often times, females in our Church feel left out and ignored. Is this a correct feeling? Does the Church really propagate such an idea in Her teachings? In addressing the issue of the role of women in the Church, we have to distinguish between Holy Tradition and customs that are influenced by culture and do […]

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