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Marital Enrichment Seminar: Marriage 911

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Through the blessings and prayers of our beloved father, His Grace Bishop Serapion, the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles and the Santa Monica Family Education committee joyously presents this annual seminar for married couples to help enrich their marriage and family life by bringing them closer to the Lord, and to each other. This […]

Diocese Newlywed & Marital Enrichment Retreat – December 4, 2009

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Through the blessings and prayers of our beloved father H.G. Bishop Serapion, the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles joyously presents its biannual Marital Enrichment Retreat. This retreat is designed specifically for couples who have been married less than seven years. Speakers include Dr. Yousry Armanious and Dr. Nabil N. Soliman. Babysitting will be provided […]

Premarital Couples Retreat – December 13, 2009

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The Diocese joyfully announces its annual Pre-Marital Couples Retreat from Friday, December 11 to Sunday, December 13 at the Coptic Village in Big Bear Lake. This retreat is intended for Christian couples seeking enrichment before their marriage and comprised of a series of lectures, discussions, and workshops led by the Hegumen Father Gawargious Kolta. Topics […]

The Essence of A Christian Marriage

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This article presents the Christian understanding of marriage, based on St. John Chrysostom’s homilies. Although he lived in the 4th and early 5th centuries, yet his teachings are pertinent to every generation and present the best understanding of what a Christian marriage should be like. The general Orthodox Christian view is that God created humanity […]

The Reason For Creating Eve

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“And the Lord God said, ‘It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to himself.” (Gen. 2:18) Adam’s Need: As Christians, we believe that God created everything for a reason and nothing was done just haphazardly. We also believe that everything God created was good, “Then God […]

Declaration Against Same-Sex Marriage

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In August 2003, the Coptic Orthodox Church, through the leadership of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III and the Holy Synod, issued a formal declaration against homosexuality and same-sex marriage. In part, the declaration stated, Same-sex marriage is against the Divine Plan for marriage and its purpose of procreation. “But from the beginning of the creation, […]

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