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Mahragan Al Keraza

YSC and Mahragan 2012 Competition Material Updated

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Over the last few days, our Diocese has been migrating to this new website. As part of the transition, some of the curriculum and FAQ pages for both the YSC and Mahragan were reverted to older versions from about a month ago. Thankfully, we heard from several coaches, parents, and youth over the past couple [...]

Mahragan Al Keraza

Register for the 2012 Mahragan Al Keraza and YSC Competitions

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Registrations for Keraza competition and Youth Spiritual Competition are now open. Please register your teams at http://www.ysc-keraza.org. Early registration for Keraza competition is encouraged to receive your church hymns appointment. Please be reminded that the maximum per team allowed is 12 people. Registration Deadline for the Mahragan Al Keraza is July 29th Registration Deadline for the Youth Spiritual Competition is [...]

Mahragan Al Keraza Competition 2010 Results

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On Saturday, August 28, many children from almost every parish in the Diocese participated in the Mahragan Al Keraza Spiritual Competition for children in grades 1-5. The competition took place at St. Mary and St. Athanasius Church in Northridge, California under the auspices of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III and our beloved father, His Grace [...]

Al Keraza Spiritual Competition Results

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On Saturday, September 19, 2009, elementary school children from around the Diocese participated in the finals of Mahragan Al Keraza Spiritual Competition. The finals were hosted by St. Peter & St. Paul Church in Santa Monica and headed by H.G Bishop Serapion, with the attendance of 16 churches, 9 priests, 350 children and more than 200 [...]

Al Keraza Spiritual Competition Written Test Information

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The written portion of Al Keraza Spiritual Competition will take place for 3rd-5th grade children in the following locations: Test Location Coordinator St. Maurice – Pomona Fr. Mina Girgis Ezzat Petros St. Mark – Los Angeles Fr. Raphael Hanna Fr. Ishak Boules Archangel Michael – Santa Ana Tasony Raphaela Tasony Gabriela St. George – Bellflower [...]