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The Life of Praise and Psalmody

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Offering praise is the work of angels who constantly love to be before the Throne of God. They praise Him zealously since all their pleasure, satisfaction, and comfort is in the praise of their Creator. Offering of praise is the most sublime type of prayer, for it is conversing with God. When we praise, we [...]

Communal Worship

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There are two kinds of worship: Individual and Communal (a) In prayer, for example, there is individual prayer; you pray in your room to your Fr. who sees in secret. This does not cancel the existence of communal prayer for all the groups of believers to pray in one spirit, in one soul and in [...]

Prostrations According to the Coptic Orthodox Church Rite

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An excerpt from the Book, Spirituality of the Rites of the Holy Liturgy, pp. 45-54 The Coptic Church, in its humble and meek spirit, teaches her children three types of prostration, or metanias (bowing). These are: prostrations of worship, repentance, and honor. 1. Prostrations of Worship These are the prostrations offered to God during our [...]

Instructions for Deacons Serving in the Divine Liturgy

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Blessing of the “Tunics” The “tunic” should be blessed before the “Matins Raising of Incense”. In case some deacons come late, the “Tunic” can be blessed before the “Agpia”, after the “Agpia” or before the “Absolution of the Servants”. The “Tunic” should not be blessed after the “Absolution of the Servants”. Lighting and Holding the [...]

Dr. Hans-Jurgen Feulner to Address Diocese Clergy on Oriental Orthodox Liturgies

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POMONA, CA – On Thursday, January 19, 2009, His Grace Bishop Serapion and the clergy of the Diocese will convene at St. Marina Coptic Orthodox Church in Irvine, California for their monthly clergy meeting.  By special invitation of His Grace Bishop Serapion, the clergy will be edified with a lecture on the history of Oriental [...]

Life in the Fourth Century Church: The Liturgy at Jerusalem

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Editor’s Note: The following account comes from Egeria, a Spanish or Gallic nun who traveled to the Holy Land from approximately 381 to 384 A.D. and wrote about her observations in a work entitled Itenerarium Egeriae in Latin (“Travels of Egeria”). Unfortunately, her complete text is now lost, but a good portion of this valuable [...]