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Deacon Raphael and Deacon Arsanious

Axioi! Ordination of Deacon Raphael Maher and Deacon Arsanious Wissa

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On Saturday, November 9, 2013, His Grace Bishop Serapion laid hands on and ordained the blessed servants, Philip Maher and Farouk Wissa, as Deacon Raphael and Deacon Arsanious, respectively, at St. Abanoub and St. Antony Church in Norco where they will serve. Attending the ordinations were Fr. Michael Gabriel, Fr. Macarius Shehata, Fr. Ishak Boulos, [...]

Byzantine icon of Christ the High Priest

Choosing a Shepherd

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You must all exercise great diligence and fervent desire in this matter, that someone may be designated by the Holy Spirit to preside over you who will keep his eye fixed wholly on the things of God and will not allow his gaze to be distracted hither and thither by any of the things prized [...]