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On Wearing the Cross

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The Cross of Jesus Christ is the joy and boast of Christians. By the Cross we were saved and by the Cross the demons are put to flight. Wearing the Cross on our person is a fundamental and simple way to keep Christ in our daily life and to fight the influence of the devil. Who […]

The Sweetness of the Cross

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Christianity today is struggling; arguing not to carry the cross. People are asking, why do I have to carry ‎my cross? why do I have to suffer? Do I have to suffer to be a Christian? Is this really necessary? ‎ When we hear the Lord asking us to carry the cross and to share […]

Our Suffering Christ is the Powerful Christ

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In the beginning of the month of April, the Church is preparing for Holy Passion Week. The Church actually sees in the sufferings of the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, the mystery of Her joy and happiness. Although we pray with a melancholy tune during Pascha Week, yet our hearts are exulted as we follow […]

Carrying The Cross

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Our Church celebrates two feasts for the Cross. One is on Parmhat 10th (March 19th), which always falls during Great Lent. The other is on Tout 17th (September 27th), which falls at the end of our celebrations of the The Coptic New Year (The Feast of Nairouz), and this latter Feast of the Cross is […]

The Feasts of the Cross

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The Lord Christ and the Cross The Lord invited to bear the Cross and said: “If anyone desires to come after ‎Me, let him deny himself, and take up his Cross, and follow Me” (Matt. 16:24; ‎Mark 8:34). And He said to the rich young man: “Go your way, sell whatever you ‎have and give […]

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