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Diocesan Schedule of Services throughout the Great Holy Fast 2014

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The Great Holy Fast, sometimes known as Lent, is a 55-day period of intense prayer, fasting, charity, and repentance. Throughout these holy days, the faithful make a conscious effort to immerse themselves more in the life of the Church, especially through attendance of Divine Liturgies as often as possible. To help faithful throughout the diocese [...]

"The Great Lent" Publication Available for Ordering

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The diocese joyfully announces the availability of its publication, The Great Lent, part of the popular Treasures of the Fathers series. The Great Lent is Volume II of the series, and it offers readers a rich treasure of patristic writings from St. Athanasius, St. Cyril of Alexandria, St. John Chrysostom, St. Gregory Nazianzen, the Scholar Origen, and [...]

The Great Lent: The Journey to the Bosom of the Father

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The Church has a strong program during this fast put by the ‎Fathers through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, which became to ‎the soul a source of survival and spiritual filling, and to the Church ‎a source of communal repentance and deep fellowship with the ‎Lord Jesus Christ in His fast…For Christ fasted for [...]

Why Did the Lord Fast for Forty Days?

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The number forty is a sign of that laborious period in ‎which, under the discipline of Christ the King, we have to fight ‎against the devil. This is also indicated by the fact that both the law ‎and the prophets solemnized a fast of forty days– that is to say, a ‎humbling of the soul– [...]