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Paschal Letter for the Feast of the Resurrection 2014

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My Beloved, the Blessed Children of the Holy Church, Christ is Risen          Truly He is Risen It is my pleasure to wish all of you a Glorious Feast of the Resurrection of our Lord, God, and Savior, Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Christ made the whole world rejoice, because humanity, which was separated from God […]

Raising of Lazarus

On the Resurrection of Lazarus

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A man was raised up by Him who made man: for He is the only One of the Father, by whom, as you know, all things were made. And if all things were made by Him, what wonder is it that one was raised by Him, when so many are daily brought into the world […]

The Martyr Portrays the Icon of the Resurrection

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During these blessed and joyous weeks, we celebrate the The Feast of Nairouz and the beginning of another Coptic New Year. The Church chose the beginning of the reign of Emperor Diocletian in 284 A.D. to mark the beginning of the Church Calendar, because he was one of the cruelest emperors, who severely persecuted the […]

Festal Letter 1

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Come, my beloved, the season calls us to keep the feast. Again, ‘the Sun of Righteousness, causing His divine beams to rise upon us, proclaims beforehand the time of the feast, in which, obeying Him, we ought to celebrate it, lest when the time has passed by, gladness likewise may pass us by. For discerning […]

Our Response to God's Love

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The Church recently celebrated the 29th day of the Coptic month of Paopi. The 29th day of certain months in the Coptic calendar is very special, because the Church, in Her wisdom, commemorates the Feasts of the Annunciation, Nativity, and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ on these days. We have this commemoration on the […]

Will our Bodies Ascend?

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Since, again, some who are reckoned among the orthodox go beyond ‎the pre-arranged plan for the exaltation of the just, and are ignorant of the ‎methods by which they are disciplined beforehand for incorruption, they thus ‎entertain heretical opinions. For the heretics, despising the handiwork of God, ‎and not admitting the salvation of their flesh, […]

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