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Biographies of the Candidates for the 118th Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria

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[tabs style="vertical" title="Candidates for the 118th Pope and Alexandria"] [tab title="Bishop Rofail"] Age: 54, Born in Cairo, Egypt, 1958 Education: M.D., Ayn Shams University, Pope Shenouda III Seminary Graduate. Ordination: A monk at Paramous monastery in 1990 under the name of Fr. Yostos, Ordained a General Bishop in 1997. Profession: Medical Doctor Prior Name: Michael [...]

Practical and Mystical: Patriarch Kyrillos VI (1959-1971)

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Today the memory of Kyrillos has become somewhat overshadowed by the steady news of miraculous interventions attributed to Kyrillos’s intercession after his passing away. In death his influence stretches far beyond Egypt. For example, one of the latest miracles that happened during the fall of 2005 unfolded in Iraq where his miraculous intervention rescued the [...]

Diocese Welcomes His Grace Bishop Youssef to speak about "Egyptian Christians in America"

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The Diocese joyfully announces the upcoming visit of His Grace Bishop Youssef, the Coptic Orthodox Bishop of the Southern United States, in which His Grace will present a lecture entitled "Living Between Two Worlds: Egyptian Christians in America" on December 1 at Claremont Graduate University from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. From the university’s promotional material: [...]

The Honor Due to a Priest

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Whoever honors the priest will honor God, and he who has learned to despise the priest will gradually proceed in time to insult God also. ‘He who receives you receives Me.’ [Mt. 10:40]. And it is written, ‘But hold His priests in honor.’ [Sir. 7:31]. Hence, the Jews learned to despise God because they despised [...]

The Role of Women in the Church (Part III)

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THE OFFICE OF DEACONESS Oftentimes in our Church girls wonder why they can not be ordained as deaconesses. It is hard to argue against their ability to learn and chant the hymnology of the Church (al-han) as well as the boys. In order to answer this question, as Orthodox Christians, we have to clarify the [...]

The Church’s Perspective on Stem Cell Research

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Introduction Stem cell research has become one of decisive issues in the current presidential election. President George W. Bush’s policy is to restrict federal funding to embryonic stem cell research. In August 2002, the president decided to restrict federal funding to embryonic stem cell lines that had already been created. Bush’s policy restricted embryonic stem [...]