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Coptic Patriarchs

New Regulations for Choosing the Coptic Orthodox Patriarch

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I. An Historical Session The Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church, under the auspices of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, agreed on new regulations for electing the Pope, who is the Patriarch of the See of St. Mark the Apostle, the Archbishop of Alexandria, and the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church worldwide. In [...]

2012 Altar Lot

Diocese Rejoices at Choice of Abba Tawadrous as 118th Pope

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On November 4, 2012, H.E. Metropolitan Pachomius and the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church celebrated the Divine Liturgy at St. Mark Cathedral in Al Abbassiya, Cairo, Egypt and conducted the ancient apostolic tradition of the Altar Lot to choose the 118th Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria. The names of the three candidates — [...]

Biographies of the Candidates for the 118th Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria

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[tabs style="vertical" title="Candidates for the 118th Pope and Alexandria"] [tab title="Bishop Rofail"] Age: 54, Born in Cairo, Egypt, 1958 Education: M.D., Ayn Shams University, Pope Shenouda III Seminary Graduate. Ordination: A monk at Paramous monastery in 1990 under the name of Fr. Yostos, Ordained a General Bishop in 1997. Profession: Medical Doctor Prior Name: Michael [...]

Practical and Mystical: Patriarch Kyrillos VI (1959-1971)

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Today the memory of Kyrillos has become somewhat overshadowed by the steady news of miraculous interventions attributed to Kyrillos’s intercession after his passing away. In death his influence stretches far beyond Egypt. For example, one of the latest miracles that happened during the fall of 2005 unfolded in Iraq where his miraculous intervention rescued the [...]

Archdeacon Habeeb Girgis and the Renaissance of the Coptic Orthodox Church

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Few would dispute that the Coptic Church, which was founded by St. Mark the evangelist, began its modern renaissance towards the latter half of the nineteenth century, after many centuries of darkness. A darkness which was forced upon her by two major historical events. The first of which were the woeful decisions of the Council [...]

Diocese Welcomes His Grace Bishop Youssef to speak about "Egyptian Christians in America"

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The Diocese joyfully announces the upcoming visit of His Grace Bishop Youssef, the Coptic Orthodox Bishop of the Southern United States, in which His Grace will present a lecture entitled "Living Between Two Worlds: Egyptian Christians in America" on December 1 at Claremont Graduate University from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. From the university’s promotional material: [...]

Protocol Between The Coptic Orthodox Church And The Eritrian Orthodox Church

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INTRODUCTION The two Churches are linked by very intimate relations since the early Centuries of Christianity, as both are sons of St. Mark the Apostle. Such link was realized when St. Athanasius, the Apostolic, the 20th Pope of Alexandria, consecrated Fromentious in the year 329 A.D to be the first bishop of Eritrea and Ethiopia, [...]

Egyptian Monasticism

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Transcript of a Speech Delivered at the Opening of the Exhibit, “A Still, Small Voice: Sixteen Centuries of Egyptian Monasticism,” at the Washington National Cathedral, March 15, 1992. I want to tell you now about Coptic monasticism. Egypt is considered the motherland of monasticism. The first monk in the whole world was St. Anthony, a [...]

The Orthodox Dialogue

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Thirty theologians from the Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches met in the Halls of the Holy Cross Church of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch in Damascus, Syria from February 2-5, 1998. The Opening session was blessed and honored by the presence of H.B. Patriarch Ignatius IV, Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch [...]