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Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction is considered to be one of the most serious issues which society faces in the modern age, for addiction is the destruction of man and the loss of the most valuable thing that society possesses, namely, youth. It is an expression of the frustration and the pain from which the community suffers. Addiction […]

Addiction: A Spiritual Perspective

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Causes Of Drug Addiction We are going to look at these causes not merely to identify them, but rather to try to overcome them with the help of God. We will keep in mind that these causes can affect all of us. However, not all people fall into drug addiction because of these factors. Some […]

Understanding Addicition (Part 1)

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Addiction is a widespread, chronic condition that may have very serious emotional, physical, social, financial, and legal implications. It afflicts the life of the addict in all its aspects, leading to a wide range of consequences, and frequently ends up with loss of functioning or even death. Such consequences often extend to include the addict’s […]

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