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YSC 2012 Results

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YSC 2012 Team

On Saturday, August 18, 2012, the Diocese community gathered at St. John Coptic Church around our beloved father, Bishop Serapion, for the 2012 Youth Spiritual Competition. Over 800 youth from 27 parishes participated in this wonderful event after preparing for months.

The day began with the celebration of the Divine Liturgy by His Grace Bishop Serapion and several diocesan priests, including Fr. Gawargious Kolta, Fr. Michael Gabriel, Fr. Shenouda Ghattas, Fr. Boules Baky, Fr. Daniel Habib, Fr. Moses Samaan, and Fr. Mark Hanna. After the Divine Liturgy, participants enjoyed a quick brunch before their testing, which lasted from 12:00-3:00p.

At the end of the testing, the results were tabulated and announced as follows:

[tabs style=”boxed” title=”Youth Spiritual Competition 2012 Results”] [tab title=”Junior High”] Excellent (ranked according to points)

  • 4th – St. Mercurious and St. Abraam
  • 3rd – Archangel Michael (Santa Ana)
  • 2nd – St. Demiana (San Diego)
  • 1st – (TIE) – St. Verena and the 3 Holy Youth AND St. Maurice

Very Good (ranked alphabetically)

  • Archangel Raphael & St. Mina
  • Holy Virgin Mary & St. Pishoy
  • St. George the new martyr
  • St. Justina
  • St. Mark (Los Angeles)
  • St. Mary & St. Athanasius
  • St. Mary & St. Verena
  • St. Mina

Good (ranked alphabetically)

  • St. George (Bellflower)
  • St. Mary (Victorville)
[/tab] [tab title=”High School”] Excellent

  • No placement

Very Good (ranked according to points)

  • 5th – St. Marina
  • 4th – St. Verena & the 3 Holy Youth
  • 3rd – St. Justina
  • 2nd – St. Mark (Los Angeles)
  • 1st – St. John

Good (ranked alphabetically)

  • Archangel Michael (Santa Ana)
  • St. Demiana (Bakersfield)
  • St. Demiana (San Diego)
  • St. George (Bellflower)
  • St. Mary & St. Verena
  • St. Mary of Egypt
  • St. Maurice
  • St. Mercurious & St. Abraam
  • St. Mina
  • St. Peter & St. Paul
[/tab] [tab title=”College”] Excellent (ranked according to point)

  • 3rd – St. Mark (Los Angeles)
  • 2nd – St. John
  • 1st – St. Maurice

Very Good (ranked alphabetically)

  • Archangel Michael (Santa Ana)
  • St. Demiana (San Diego)
  • St. Mercurious & St. Abraam

Good (ranked alphabetically)

  • St. George
[/tab] [/tabs]

Overall, the day and the competition was a blessed success.

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