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Establishment of Three New Parishes in the Diocese

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New Church

The Diocese joyfully announces the establishment of three new parishes to serve the Coptic communities in the Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties.

The new parishes are as follows:

1. St. Pope Kyrillos VI Church in Westminster (Orange County)

2. Church of the Holy Resurrection in West Los Angeles (Los Angeles County)

3. Church of the Holy Cross in Oceanside (San Diego County)

More details of the new parishes will be made available on the LACopts parish directory as information becomes available.

May God continue to bless the service in this Christ-loving Diocese through the prayers of the saints and those of our fathers, Pope Tawadros II and Bishop Serapion.

5 Responses to "Establishment of Three New Parishes in the Diocese"
  1. Mohsen Hanna says:

    Congratulation for creating the three parishes in dioces.
    God support us , US, and the entire world too.

  2. Armea Botros says:

    God bless the coptic community all over the world!

  3. Mona Abdelmalik says:

    We need the address of the new church in oceanside.

  4. Mina Ibrahim says:

    God bless our Oriental Orthodox Church . continue to grow to reach every person in the world . wishing powerful service allover the world for Jesus

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