Exciting News from St. John Chrysostom American Coptic Orthodox Church in Orange County

We are happy to announce that St. John Chrysostom in Orange County will soon be having Divine Liturgy services on Sundays! Many people have expressed a strong desire to move to Sundays, and now with God’s Grace, that will be happening.  Please mark your calendars for SUNDAY, JULY 16, 2017.

The NEW LOCATION for Sunday services will be:
29702 Kensington Drive
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Please consider coming to support our humble, growing parish as we move forward with this new step.  St. John Chrysostom’s seeks to bring people before Christ, and is a strictly English with some Coptic service.  It aims to bring True Orthodoxy to our community, while still maintaining our Coptic heritage.  Most importantly, we try and truly connect with those raised in the United States in order to make the Orthodox Church something that is more than just a casual Sunday endeavor.  Real Community.  Real Orthodoxy.  Real Love.

Please note that until our first Sunday Liturgy on July 16th, regular Saturday Liturgy services continue.