What is the Project?

The Project is an element that was introduced in the 2013 Youth Spiritual Competition. This year, the Project is an audio/visual expression of the Competition Materials about the Bible Study or Church Study components.

What is the Purpose?

The purpose of this element is for YSC Participants to express the intersection of their creative talents with the knowledge they acquire from the Competition Materials. When making the project, consider it as an instructional video. Be sure to make it something that another person would be able to learn from.

What Do We Win?

The Project is an additional element to the overall Youth Spiritual Competition. This is a sub-competition: the top three Projects will earn special trophies for the winning churches. Winning Projects will also be showcased online. Project points will not affect any individual Team’s score—each church will compete as one body.

What are the Rules?

  1. The project must be in the spiritual realm of Orthodoxy.
  2. Each church will turn in only one Project.
  3. Any of the Competition age groups may work on the Project simultaneously (i.e., college Participants may work with high school and junior high Participants—any combination is allowed).
  4. Participants who contribute to the Project in any way must also compete in the Youth Spiritual Competition. In other words, anyone who participates in the video must also complete in the YSC, but doing the project is not necessary in order to compete in the YSC alone. You are free to compete in the YSC and not complete the project.
  5. The final version of a Project must be submitted in digital format.
  6. A Project is not to exceed 7 minutes in duration.

How Do We Win?

Each Project will be evaluated by a Project Rubric. The categories are: Overall Presentation, Content, and Instructional Value.


Project Rubric


Points Awarded

Overall Presentation (30%)

The overall presentation of the Project.

Content (30%)

Content should draw upon information from Competition Materials, but does not have to be comprehensive—you may choose to go in-depth or stay broad. It must remain firmly in the realm of Orthodoxy.

Instructional Value (40%)

The communication of the content in a creative manner. How entertaining and instructional is the Project? What age group are you targeting?

 PROJECTS MUST BE SUBMITTED info@ysc-keraza.org BY 11:59 P.M. ON AUGUST 1, 2014

(yes, that’s before Competition Day)

How do I submit my project?

Upload your project to Dropbox (www.dropbox.com). E-mail the committee the link to your project stored in your Dropbox to info@ysc-keraza.org.