Feast of the Cross

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In early Christianity, the Holy Cross was very revered. It signified protection, holiness, worship, and blessing to believers everywhere (even before Empress Helen discovered it). In this feast, the churchfocuses on the Holy Cross and how through the Cross, the Lord, descended to Hades to save the righteous. Though the Holy Cross, the Lord opened the [...]

The Apostles' Fast

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The Pentecost, descent of the Holy Spirit, is immediately followed by the Apostle’s fast which lasts from the Monday after Pentecost to July 12th (Abib 5th). The apostles started preaching after the reception of the Holy Spirit. The book of Acts does not end with the word “Amen,” unlike most other books in the bible. [...]

Sixth Sunday of the Great Lent

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The last Sunday in Lent is the Sunday of Baptism, during which we read the gospel reading of the man born blind. “I was blind and now I see.” This is our everlasting experience as children of the Heavenly Father. We were blind and He opened our sight so we beheld miracles of His laws [...]

Fifth Sunday of the Great Lent

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The gospel of the fifth Sunday talks about Bethsaida which symbolizes Baptism. We, the crowds of Christians, were beside it sick, lame, blind and paralyzed, suffering every spiritual sickness. The Angel that moves the water symbolizes the Holy Spirit Who comes down on the water of baptism. This is our share in Christ: those who [...]

The Third Sunday of the Great Lent

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Repentance in Christianity is different from any other repentance. It is the return of the son to his Father and the Father falling on the neck of His son to embrace him and kiss him (Lk. 15:20). This is the gospel reading of the third Sunday of the Great Lent. The Father’s paternity to us [...]

Second Sunday of the Great Lent

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The gospel of the Second Sunday deals with the temptation of doubting God’s paternity toward us, “If you are the son of God, why does He leave you hungry? Why does God allow the presence of disease, failure and the death of His beloved?” Practice: It is our duty this week to examine our faith [...]

The First Sunday of the Great Lent

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The gospel of the first Sunday of Lent calls for the surrender of life to the Father. “Take no thought for your life, what you shall eat…nor yet for the body, what you shall wear…do not worry about tomorrow.” The reason for not worrying is that, “your heavenly Father knows that you have of all [...]

Preparatory Week of the Great Lent

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The Great Lent is considered the holiest fast because our Lord Jesus Christ fasted it Himself. Therefore, during the Great Lent we follow the example set by our Lord Jesus Christ, Who fasted on our behalf forty days and forty nights (Mt. 4:2). Also, during the Holy Pascha, which comes after the forty days, we [...]

The Departure of Saint Severus the Patriarch of Antioch

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On this day of the year 538 A.D., the holy father St. Severus, Patriarch of Antioch, departed. He was from Asia Minor. His grandfather, whose name was also Severus, saw in a vision someone telling him, “The child who is for your son will strengthen Orthodoxy, and his name will be after your name.” When [...]

The Fast of Jonah

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On Monday, February 14, 2011, the Coptic Orthodox Church begins the Fast of Jonah, a three-day fast that commemorates the fast of Jonah the Prophet while he was in the belly of the great fish. In the Christian tradition, these three days are type (a symbol or parallel) of the three days our Lord Jesus [...]